Balance boards in surf style look

#handmade im Ländle


We are Carolin and Stefan from Surfstylefever, and we help you get back in balance. In 2020, Stefan founded the start-up “Surfstylefever” to pursue his passion and produce sustainable and individually designed balance boards made of wood.

In our manufactory in Schwäbisch Gmünd, we place great value on sustainability and resource-efficient production. Our balance boards are 100% handmade in the region. A balance board is a versatile training device that people of all ages can use creatively, from children to seniors. It is suitable for both prevention and rehabilitation.

Now, there are balance board courses and various team events at Lago Ulm for all age groups and skill levels. In these courses, fun comes first. However, apart from that, both body and mind benefit from this activity. By regularly practicing on the balance board, you can improve your reaction time, self-awareness, and sense of balance while strengthening your deep muscles. Discover the numerous benefits of our balance board courses for an effective and enjoyable workout. Come by and experience how much fun and benefit training on a balance board can bring!

Furthermore, we offer a modern team-building event that includes the use of a balance board. This service promotes collaboration, trust, and problem-solving skills within your team through joint balance exercises and team challenges. The event strengthens both the psychological and physical aspects of your employees, leading to better interpersonal relationships and a healthier, more productive work environment. Invest in the development of a strong and engaged team with our unique balance board team event.

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Balance board course

  • Once a month
  • 4pm to 5pm
  • Held in the hotel garden if the weather is fine, indoors if the weather is bad.

Dates 2024

Sunday, 28 July
Sunday, 15 September
Sunday, 20 October
Sunday, 24 November
Sunday, 08 December